CABPRO, a property rights group founded in 1993 by former Supervisor Todd Juvinall, NO on Measure W:

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CABPRO on Measure W – Vote No

By: California Association of Business, Property and Resource Owners (CABPRO)

May 6, 2016 – Measure W is not about cannabis – it’s about property rights. If our supervisors think they can take away the rights of legal cannabis farmers, what else do they think they can take from people?

Why are taxpayer dollars being used to try to override zoning codes by having this issue on the ballot? The problems that exist could easily be solved with community discussion. And if W should pass, the taxpayers will have to pay for another ballot measure down the road as things change in CA regarding the use of cannabis. And things will change. There is the possibility that adult recreational use (Adult Use of Marijuana Act) may be one of the changes we see this year.

With new state laws now in place, we have an opportunity to more greatly control what is going on in the county by licensing and taxing legal cannabis growers, and eliminating grows that are illegal.

Cannabis is best grown outdoors, in natural sunlight, where pesticides are not needed. Plants grown indoors are subject to molds and insect infestation. The necessity of using pesticides will greatly jeopardize the quality of the medicine. And how will that affect the health of those who need it?

Indoor grows will create other problems as well. Fire hazards for one. A 1200 watt bulb can get pretty hot.

Indoor growing requires ventilation, and since indoor growers can have multiple harvests a year, the smell that bothers some people for a couple of months out of the year now will be blown out of the growing structures year-round. So it doesn’t solve that problem. Also, being able to grow indoors year-round will likely attract even more growers to our area.

This is not an issue that can be rubber-­stamped. We live in a community that cares about property rights and personal freedoms. None of the supervisors are newcomers – they should know that we value property rights in Nevada County. This has been a hot button for this community for the last 30 years. When will they listen?