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ASA NC offers $500 reward to catch the NSJ Water Thief

GRASS VALLEY, CA, AUGUST 6, 2014  Americans for Safe Access – Nevada County is offering a $500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the North San Juan water thief.  The reward was offered by an ASA member who was rightfully outraged by the theft of water from the Grizzly Hill School, the North San […]

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marijuana legal in 2014 in California

Los Angeles to Put Cannabis Dispensary Question to Vote!

“If you feel you can’t get behind Measure D (ASA Supported Measure of Choice)- vote for BOTH! (measure F and Measure D)”, Don Duncan, ASA.

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California Supreme Court Decides in Riverside Case to ALLOW cities and counties to BAN dispensaries

CA Supreme Court ALLOWS Cities & Counties to BAN Cannabis Dispensaries

MAY 6 – 2013 | Americans for Safe Access, a leading marijuana advocacy group, said in a statement Monday that various groups will now push for state legislation would create uniform regulations statewide for dispensaries.

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When CITIZENS Lead, Leaders Will Follow | Citizen’s Summit & Lobby Day | May 4-5-6

SAT-MON | MAY 4-5-6 |

Medical Cannabis Policy 

Summit & Citizen Lobby Day

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How to ADVOCATE for Medical Cannabis Use …

From Steph Sherer, President of Americans for Safe Access – ASA ————– Part One | About the Effort ————— ———— Part 2 | How to Be A GREAT Advocate for SAFE Medical Cannabis ———————-

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February Newsletter

  MMJ Week February 11 – 17th is National Medical Marijuana Week and we have got some great events planned to remind people that patients are suffering out there because of the Cultivation Ordinance.  We are running a very touching ad in the Union from Feb 11 – 16 to raise public awareness.  ASA recognizes […]

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E-Waste Fundraising

We will convert your unused electronic items into cash for our Legal Defense Fund…

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Code Compliance Checks Have Started!

As if the threat of DEA raids weren’t enough, Nevada County cultivators now have to contend with the real risk of neighbors snitching on neighbors.

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ASA-NC Wins Privacy Issue

Judge Dowling agreed to seal everyone’s records (except for Patricia Smith’s) as she is the Plaintiff in our lawsuit and has already waived her right-to-privacy.

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Tehama Patients Lose Cultivation Court Case

Many members have expressed concerns that because the Tehama Superior Court dismissed CalNORML’s challenge to their Cultivation Ordinance, that we might lose our case too. L

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Nevada County Has Cultivation Ordinance – Effective NOW

Despite strong support from their constituents to continue receiving input from the Stakeholder’s group, The Board of Supervisors passed an Urgency Cultivation Ordinance that will make literally every medical marijuana garden in Nevada County out of compliance – effective immediately.  Collectives that have operated for the past ten years without a complaint are now subject […]

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