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Ask BOS to rescind the ban entirely No W – Adopt the stakeholder’s cannabis compromise

Sign Online Sign & Print letter. Recommend Grow Regulations

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When At First You Don’t Succeed

Bri was told to take her baby home and make her comfortable because Charlotte would most likely die within six weeks.

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marijuana legal in 2014 in California

Los Angeles to Put Cannabis Dispensary Question to Vote!

“If you feel you can’t get behind Measure D (ASA Supported Measure of Choice)- vote for BOTH! (measure F and Measure D)”, Don Duncan, ASA.

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Test Your Cultivation Ordinance Knowledge

As a former member of Nevada County’s Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance Working Group, I’m disappointed by how poorly our community is served by local media and Sheriff Keith Royal when it comes to the topic of marijuana. To illustrate our community’s knowledge vacuum, take this test:

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February Newsletter

  MMJ Week February 11 – 17th is National Medical Marijuana Week and we have got some great events planned to remind people that patients are suffering out there because of the Cultivation Ordinance.  We are running a very touching ad in the Union from Feb 11 – 16 to raise public awareness.  ASA recognizes […]

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Sheriff Royal indicated that the Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance ultimately “will have to be decided by the courts” during his comments at the Penn Valley Town Hall meeting last night. He rejected outright the Yuba County ordinance that our attorney, Jeff Lake, successfully negotiated to the satisfaction of County officials and cultivators alike. All in all, […]

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Justice for Some?

The attitude displayed by Cultivation Code Compliance officers in the Union, “NCSO Receives Nearly 300 Complaints Since Passage of Marijuana Ordinance,”  (Sat. Nov. 3) reveals the underlying contempt the department has for the rights of medical marijuana patients and the law itself.   Although an alleged 294 complaints were received, only 85 citations were issued […]

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E-Waste Fundraising

We will convert your unused electronic items into cash for our Legal Defense Fund…

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Code Compliance Checks Have Started!

As if the threat of DEA raids weren’t enough, Nevada County cultivators now have to contend with the real risk of neighbors snitching on neighbors.

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ASA-NC Wins Privacy Issue

Judge Dowling agreed to seal everyone’s records (except for Patricia Smith’s) as she is the Plaintiff in our lawsuit and has already waived her right-to-privacy.

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fresno city bans outdoor cannabis cultivation - june 21, 2012

Fresno City Council Bans Outdoor Grows for Medical Marijuana Patients

The ordinance allows no outdoor marijuana cultivation of any kind within the city limits, just like the temporary bans that were passed in December and January.

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