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The History of Prohibition, Pt 10

 Prohibition RepealedTwo years after Al Capone was sentenced to 11 years in Federal prison (only one year of his sentence was for bootlegging), alcohol prohibition was repealed. The Noble Experiment failed at every level. It neither curtailed drinking nor did it reduce alcoholism. It didn’t end poverty, and it certainly didn’t end crime as proponents […]

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The History of Prohibition, Pt 11

The Rise of the Corporate State The ink had barely dried on the newly enacted Twenty-first Amendment before a well executed plan was hatched to replace alcohol prohibition with a ban on another substance.  This time “reformers” set their sights on the deadly scourge marijuana.  The only problem was that virtually no one outside of jazz […]

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The History of Prohibition – Pt 06

Alcohol Prohibition is the most successful single issue lobbying effort in the history of this country, but efforts to legislate morality are seldom the answer. Our “noble experiment” with Prohibition shattered the notion that federal regulations can replace personal responsibility.

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The History of Prohibition – PT 04

It’s hard to imagine that not one, but two wars were fought to force a sovereign nation to open its ports to accept opium. In one of the more shameful episodes of the British Empire, opium was used to balance their trade deficit with China – regardless of the human toll caused by their imports.

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The History of Marijuana Prohibition in America – Part 03

Laws to regulate morality never succeed. Prostitution is still the world’s oldest profession. Prohibition has only proven to exacerbate the problems it was intended to cure and demand creates a criminal market to supply the banned substance.

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The History of Prohibition – Pt 02

US Census of 1850 records 8,327 hemp plantations with a minimum of 2,000 acres each, but just fifteen years later, the Civil War rang the death knoll for hemp production in America which continued until the outbreak of WWI.

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The History of Prohibition – Pt 01

In a historic move, Colorado and Washington voters have passed the first laws to legalize recreational marijuana for adults over 21 setting the stage for the end of decades of prohibition.

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