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CRABB CARTOON | Commission by ASA-NC

Free Pot From NC Sheriff’s Office!

Check out RL Crabb’s take on the NC Sheriff’s Office recent snafu!

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July’s updated files are HERE:

 4 part series – updated with CBD Info!

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Granny Storm Crow's Medical marijuana and Cannbis Research and Study Index - January 2013

Granny Storm Crow’s Medical Marijuana Research and Study Index Jan 2013

Granny Storm Crow’s MMJ Reference List- January 2013 So much has happened in the six months since I put out the July 2012 List. (2012 List was approx 680 pages – this 2013 list is over 1000 pages!!! Please take care before printing!)JULY UPDATE IS HERE!Cannabis has been legalized in two states, which has encouraged […]

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marijuana legal in 2014 in California

Los Angeles to Put Cannabis Dispensary Question to Vote!

“If you feel you can’t get behind Measure D (ASA Supported Measure of Choice)- vote for BOTH! (measure F and Measure D)”, Don Duncan, ASA.

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California Supreme Court Decides in Riverside Case to ALLOW cities and counties to BAN dispensaries

CA Supreme Court ALLOWS Cities & Counties to BAN Cannabis Dispensaries

MAY 6 – 2013 | Americans for Safe Access, a leading marijuana advocacy group, said in a statement Monday that various groups will now push for state legislation would create uniform regulations statewide for dispensaries.

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Superstar-Studded Coalition to President Obama: “Let’s Tackle Mass Incarceration and Drug Policy Reform Together”

Powerful Group Urges New Approaches to Failed Drug War, Move from Criminal Justice Toward Public Health Approach

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The History of Prohibition, Pt 10

 Prohibition RepealedTwo years after Al Capone was sentenced to 11 years in Federal prison (only one year of his sentence was for bootlegging), alcohol prohibition was repealed. The Noble Experiment failed at every level. It neither curtailed drinking nor did it reduce alcoholism. It didn’t end poverty, and it certainly didn’t end crime as proponents […]

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The History of Prohibition, Pt 11

The Rise of the Corporate State The ink had barely dried on the newly enacted Twenty-first Amendment before a well executed plan was hatched to replace alcohol prohibition with a ban on another substance.  This time “reformers” set their sights on the deadly scourge marijuana.  The only problem was that virtually no one outside of jazz […]

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February Newsletter

  MMJ Week February 11 – 17th is National Medical Marijuana Week and we have got some great events planned to remind people that patients are suffering out there because of the Cultivation Ordinance.  We are running a very touching ad in the Union from Feb 11 – 16 to raise public awareness.  ASA recognizes […]

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