Code Compliance Checks Have Started!

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Neighborhood "Watches"

As if the threat of DEA raids weren't enough, Nevada County cultivators now have to contend with the real risk of neighbors complaining on neighbors.   Because the Cultivation Ordinance is complaint driven, several disgruntled homeowners have taken a proactive approach to ridding unwanted cannabis gardens from their neighborhoods.  Unfortunately, the targets of their wrath have been legitimate medical providers. One member has reported his neighbor has branded him a "dope dealer" and declared that he would run him out of town.  This member is providing medicine for two patients on dialysis - one of whom is not expected to live out the rest of this year without a kidney transplant.  No money exchanges hands. Another member found a very official looking Code Compliance violation notice in his mailbox.  The letterhead appeared to come from Sheriff Keith Royal.  It listed the various provisions of the law our member was deemed to be violating - including provisions for federal and state income tax evasion and selling a controlled substance.  It also mentioned that they were within 1000' of a school bus stop zone - the home of a special needs child.  A Google Earth map showed a picture of their garden with the parcel number and a copy of the Ordinance was included that highlighted the provisions deemed to be out of compliance.

Cruel Hoax

Turns out the document was a hoax.  After checking with the Narcotics Task Force, it was determined not to have originated from the County.  (The identity of our member was redacted to protect their anonymity.) It was created by a neighbor with too much time on their hands.  However, three days later, the authorities did show up at our members home apparently unaware of the bogus notice they received over the weekend. The Narcotics task force inspected our member's garden and determined it to be out of compliance.  He has been ordered to reduce his canopy to 300 square feet despite the fact that he started his garden in May before the Ordinance went into effect.   At the time, he was in compliance with all local and state requirements:  24 plants for 4 qualified patients.  One of the patients is his mother who is battling stage four Hodgkin's Disease. The purpose of the Ordinance was to reduce the "nuisance" factor associated with marijuana, primarily the odor and the perceived notion that marijuana gardens attract crime.  Instead, it is targeting the smallest cultivators who are growing for legitimate patients.

Action Required

If you receive a visit from the authorities, CONTACT ASA-NC immediately 530-270-9273.   The Task Force has a "very long list" of people they plan to visit over the next few month.  You only have five days to comply before they can start eradicating your garden.   Stephen Munkelt will be conducting a seminar for us on Code Compliance checks within the next few weeks.  Watch your emails for details.