Free Pot From NC Sheriff’s Office!

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Confiscated Pot Dumped in Tahoe National Forest

9/24/13, by Matthew Renda
CRABB CARTOON | Commission by ASA-NC
A large amount of marijuana recently confiscated by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office was dumped and left untended in Tahoe National Forest in proximity to a popular trail.
Sheriff Keith Royal said the pot was chipped with wood and other material making it unusable but vowed he would direct his officers to better dispose of marijuana refuse going forward.
“The chipper breaks it down to a smaller quantity and adds other vegetation into the mix, which basically destroys its use,” Royal said. “But for the future, in case any concerns are raised, the direction is to just bury it.”
As of 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Royal said officers were en route to bury the pile.
Royal said historically the office has buried confiscated marijuana, but the recent inclusion of chipping the marijuana may have struck some law enforcement staff as sufficient.
“Now we realize we can’t do that, we have to bury it,” Royal said.
Arriving at the scene Tuesday morning, The Union did not find any other vegetation in the considerable pile of marijuana and instead found multiple buds that, if dried, appeared usable.
The site is located on Tahoe National Forest land and was in proximity to the Pioneer Trail, a popular multi-use trail heavily used by mountain bikers and hikers.
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