Granny Storm Crow’s Medical Marijuana Research and Study Index Jan 2013

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Granny Storm Crow's Medical marijuana and Cannbis Research and Study Index - January 2013

Granny Storm Crow's MMJ Reference List- January 2013

So much has happened in the six months since I put out the July 2012 List. (2012 List was approx 680 pages - this 2013 list is over 1000 pages!!! Please take care before printing!)


Cannabis has been legalized in two states, which has encouraged other states to consider legalization. The news about cannabidiol’s effect on various cancers with the ID-1 gene has finally made it into the mainstream media.

Medical studies on cannabis and other cannabinoids are coming out at an amazing pace! In the whole of 1992, there were only 123 studies on “cannabinoids” at PubMed. A mere six weeks into this year, there are already 195! Quite a difference for just a decade!

And those new studies are confirming the importance of the Omega3 / CB receptor connection, investigating the effects of gene mutations affecting the endocannabinoid system, as well as delving into the mechanisms of exactly how cannabinoids heal us! Science is becoming aware of the almost unlimited potential of the endocannabinoid system for healing and the prevention of disease.

Granny Storm Crow's Medical Cannabis Study List January 2013

Yet, scientific research on cannabis is “discouraged” in the US, and, increasingly, I find that the new studies on cannabinoids are being done in Europe and China! We are falling behind in this rapidly emerging field of medicine! In Kentucky and other agricultural states, the question of “industrial hemp” is being brought up as a new crop for America.

As it is, all hemp products must be imported from China, Korea, Canada and other foreign countries.

Hemp is a multi-purpose, pest-resistant crop that can grow anywhere from the equator to Siberia!

  • The fiber can be made into paper, silk-like fabrics, rope, fiberboard, and 1000s of other products!
  • The seed is a popular snack in many parts of the world and is extremely nutritious.
  • The seed oil can be used in foods and cosmetics, or made into biofuel to decrease our dependence on foreign oil!
  • Legalization will cut our trade deficit!
  • It is time to bury the ghosts of Harry Anslinger and his friends!
  • They have haunted our lives long enough!
  • In the name of “saving the children”, they have destroyed the lives of many of our brightest and most talented teens and young adults!
  • Families have been torn apart! Parents are thrown in prison, while their children are dumped into foster homes… all paid for with your tax dollars!
  • Innocent lives, like those of Kathyrn Johnston and Jose Guerena, have been lost in raids where no drugs were found!
  • All of that pain, misery and death just to prevent your use of a healing herb in your cigarettes, rather than the poisonous, but government approved, tobacco!
  • The cartels destroy the forests to supply the black market.
  • Their product is often contaminated with pesticides, and may have absorbed poison from baits put out to kill deer and other wildlife.

With legalization, we can grow our own superior home-grown cannabis and destroy the cartel’s black market and its violence, without firing a single shot. The madness of prohibition must be stopped!

It is destroying our country financially, and wreaking havoc on the health and lives of our people, and that is the plain truth. And if the truth won’t do, then something is wrong!

Granny Storm Crow

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July updated files are HERE:

Here is part 1 of the new July 2013 Granny's List!

Please feel free to forward the List to your friends.

They deserve to know how cannabis can help them! Once the medical facts about cannabis become known, the need for legalization becomes obvious! 

I hope you will find many uses for the information that the List holds.

- Granny

 July2013 Pt1

Part 2 is on the Endocannabinoid System.   

July2013 Pt2ECS 

Part 3 is on the various Synthetic Cannabinoids.

July2013 Pt3Synths

While the last part contains the older, Pre-2000 Studies.

July2013 Pt4

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