Flower Power Raffle for Dream Green House!

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Our fabulous raffle prize has been generously donated by 

Kalifornia Koi  (& Friends)

Phone Michael Kawa at 530 559 1596

Green houses, gardens, ponds, pools and landscape features.



Around Town at
These Friendly

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You could be helping someone win a brand new IPad!

Get Raffle Tickets Here! 

  • HomeTown Hydro | Grass Valley
  • Anything Green | Penn Valley
  • 4 Seasons Soil Brokers | Penn Valley
  • 530 Hydro | Grass Valley
  • Highland Springs Wellness | Grass Valley
  • Sweetland Nursery | N San Juan


  • More to come!

 You can get ALSO get raffle tickets by

calling us at the NEVADA COUNTY CHAPTER

of Americans for Safe Access - 530-270-9273.


Grand Prize

An Assembled*

Hoop Construction Green House

The industrial quality, wooden beamed interior hoop-type green house, with a native soil floor plan, has an outer perimeter of 20' x 20' (400 square feet).


Superior construction makes this a fantastic solution for any where in Nevada County. Note how the soft side walls can be lifted to provide light and ventilation.


MORE Detail >>

The professionally constructed, wooden framed hoop-house has a dirt floor plan, with solid, side walls.

 The canopy can easily be raised, on the sides of the structure (as seen in the image)

Ventilation is built into the wooden framed window, and the framed door, a 5ml heavy duty cover is included, along with an additional camo-cover as part of the "kit".  

* Assembly of the structure, on level, prepared land and delivery, (within 30 miles of Nevada County Fairgrounds, is "included").  

NOTE: The winner is required to prepare the area, prior to delivery and assembly, insure safe easement to the site location, and incur any additional expense for any required county or city ordinances or code requirements, for it's use.  Void where prohibited.

** The raffle winner also has the OPTION TO TAKE AN ALTERNATIVE PRIZE of $1500 in cash. The prize acceptance, of the green house or the cash, once made, is final and binding.


girl-groupWe would love for
you to be here ...


Official DRAWING

August 11, 2013
At 3pm.

In our ASA-NC BOOTH, during the fair, at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. 

 *** Winner WILL Be Announced, at the booth, on August 11, 2013.  We will immediately notify the winner, by PHONE (if the proper information has been provided, and is legible).

The WINNER - if unable to be reached by phone, will receive a LETTER VIA USPS, if full mailing information was provided.

Barring our ability to reach the official WINNER within 7 business days. The Board of Supervisors, may decided to proceed by announcing the WINNER's name, on our website, for a period of no less than 30 days.  After which time, if no WINNER comes forward to claim the prize - a second winner may be drawn, from the remaining ticket stubs. Notification process and procedures, again will be followed.

Void where prohibited.

 Americans for Safe Access - CA DOJ Raffle # RF 0008022 ( 2013-2014)