No on Measure W June 7th

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Voter Registration Deadline vote by mail March 21, 2016 by ballot May 23 !!! !!!





Replace BOS Members

Nevada County Coalition to Tax & Regulate Medicinal Cannabis !!!
There is a coalition meeting of the Americans for Safe Access - ASA, California Growers Association - CGA, and several other local cannabis groups held every:
Every Monday - 1pm at the Haven, 226 Broad St, Nevada City, CA.
If you are interested in helping to defeat the ban and educate the community please feel free to come.

Proponents of three local ballot initiatives slated for the June 7 election have a week from today to get their arguments to the Nevada County elections office.

The arguments, limited to 300 words, are due by 5 p.m. Feb. 19. Elections officials will then distribute them to their respective opponents, who will have until Feb. 26 to deliver their 250-word rebuttals.

Between Feb. 29 and March 9, voters can file a writ of mandate or injunction with the courts in an attempt to amend or remove an argument, said Sandra Sjoberg, assistant county clerk-recorder/registrar of voters.

The written arguments will be printed and made available to voters around late April.

Measure W will ask Nevada County voters if they want a ban on outdoor marijuana grows and a 12-plant limitation to indoor grows in the unincorporated area.