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Sheriff Royal indicated that the Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance ultimately "will have to be decided by the courts" during his comments at the Penn Valley Town Hall meeting last night. He rejected outright the Yuba County ordinance that our attorney, Jeff Lake, successfully negotiated to the satisfaction of County officials and cultivators alike. All in all, his remarks were pretty tame, but I believe it was the presence of ASA-NC members in the audience kept him honest. We did glean some valuable information that we will use in upcoming campaigns. For instance, Sheriff Royal revealed that the dispatch center received a total of 102,000 calls for service during 2012 . Only 300 were complaints about marijuana! And only 93 of those calls triggered a visit by enforcement officers. Doesn't seem like it's the major problem they are trying to paint. (Even though that was 93 visits too many in our humble opinion.) ASA-NC will continue to fight for YOUR right to cultivate cannabis according to CA State rules. Feb 11 - 17  is MMJ week and we plan to raise some awareness about how the Ordinance is restricting safe access to medicinal grade cannabis for patients in Nevada County. We hope you will come out and support our work. It's going to take the concentrated efforts of our community to replace this Ordinance with something that is fair.  We've got a lot of work ahead of us before the start of the next grow season!!!

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