Stop a Ban, License Nevada County … Cal NORML: A SUMMARY OF THE NEW MMR and SAFETY ACT

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To Ban or to license has been coming up in The Union news paper ...

I urge you to write to your Board of Supervisor to still allow patients to grow outdoors and have no restrictions on the amount of small cultivation licenses issued in the future. 

Mention how bans just encourage the black market & rob our children of valuable tax $$$.

Regulation is the future not bans ...

LOCAL PERMITS REQUIRED  No person shall engage in commercial activity without BOTH a state license and a license, permit, or other authorization from their local government.   (AB 266, 19320(a); AB 243, 11362.777 (b)).

COUNTY TAXATION  Counties may levy a tax on the cultivating, dispensing, producing, processing, distributing, etc,  of medical cannabis subject to standard voter approval requirements.  (Many cities already exercise this authority, but the authority of counties to do so has been unclear heretofore).   (SB 643, 19348)

PATIENT EXEMPTION Qualified patients are exempt from the state permit program if cultivating less than 100 square feet for personal medical use.  Primary caregivers with five or fewer patients are allowed up to 500 square feet (AB 243, 11362.777(g) and SB 643, 19319). Exemption under this section does not prevent a local government from further restricting or banning the cultivation, provision, etc. of medical cannabis by individual patients or caregivers in its jurisdiction (AB 243).

We need a bright future like other states and counties !!!