Stop Outdoor Ban January 12, 2016 Rood Center

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The meeting of the Nevada County BOS will take place at the Rood Center and the items will be heard starting at 1:30 pm on Tuesday January 12, 2016. The election, if approved by the supervisors, would occur June 7.
Indoor grow lights shall not exceed one thousand two hundred watts (1200W) and shall comply with the California Building, Electrical and Fire Codes as adopted by the County of Nevada. Gas products (including, without limitation, C02, butane, propane and natural gas), or generators shall not be used within any structure used for Indoor Cultivation. Grow light systems associated with Cultivation shall be shielded to confine light and glare to the interior of the structure and shall conform to all applicable building and electrical codes.
Pascale Fusshoeller “Indoor” or “Indoors” means within a fully enclosed and secure structure that complies with the California Building Code (Title 24, California Code of Regulations) for that specific occupancy type, as adopted by the County of Nevada, except for structures that are exempt from the requirement to obtain a building permit under the Nevada County Land Use and Development Code. Any structure used for Cultivation of Marijuana shall have a complete roof enclosure supported by connecting walls extending from the ground to the roof, and a foundation, slab, or equivalent base to which the floor is securely attached. The structure must be secure against unauthorized entry, accessible only through one or more lockable doors, and constructed of solid materials that cannot easily be broken through, such as 2” x 4” or thicker studs overlain with 3/8” or thicker plywood or equivalent materials. Exterior walls must be constructed with non-transparent material. Plastic sheeting, regardless of gauge, or similar products do not satisfy these requirements.
We need to you send a Letter to Your Supervisor ...
Can you please help us?
Nate Beason District 1: Ed Scofield District 2: Dan Miller District 3: Hank Weston District 4: Ricard Anderson District 5:

The CGA has created a survey of growers to ascertain the level of interest in obtaining permits should the County decide at some later date to issue them. Please go to our website and download the survey. After you fill it out (it's anomynous), please return it to the law office of Heather Burke, 230 Main Street, Nevada City OR to our friends at Hometown Hydroponics, 800 South Auburn Street, GV.

We will resume meeting on our regular day and time starting on January 19th, 6:00pm, at the Golden Empire Grange. Till our next meeting, rest up. We have a lot of work to do!