The History of Prohibition – Pt 01

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Since the Dawn of Time

Three states had ballot measures to legal recreational marijuana.

In a historic move, Colorado and Washington voters have passed the first laws to legalize recreational marijuana for adults over 21 setting the stage for the end of decades of prohibition.  

This series will explore the History of Hemp in America, the forces behind Prohibition and what the future holds for marijuana reform. 

To understand the present, we have to start by looking at the past.




It all began ...

Raw hemp fiber.Cannabis has been grown and used productively since the dawn of civilization.  

The earliest known use of hemp dates back 10,000 years to the island of Taiwan where archaeologists unearthed pottery shards that had pieces of hemp twine embedded in the design. The discovery that twisted fibers were stronger than single fibers led to advancements in spinning and weaving, and some of the first fabrics ever produced were made from hemp. 

China is well known for inventing silk, but only the very wealthy could afford such luxuries. 

Hemp was the cloth of the working man.

poster-cannabis-sativaThe Chinese are also responsible for recognizing that cannabis plants had two distinct sexes and they each had different characteristics. 

They learned that the male plants produced a stronger fiber for making rope and fabric while the female plants produced seeds that could be used for a nutritious food source. 

(Scientists have since discovered that hemp seeds contain every essential amino acid necessary to maintain life.)

However, it was the invention of paper that spread the cannabis plant around the world.

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