When At First You Don’t Succeed

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Meet Bri Jones and her daughter Charlotte. Charlotte has sutfered from Cerebral Palsy and seizure disorders since she was 3 months old. Bri was told to take her baby home and make her comfortable because Charlotte would most likely die within six weeks. When Bri asked if the doctors wanted to do a follow-up exam, they declined believing it would be pointless.

Bri took Charlotte to another hospital for an evaluation and they were more hopeful. Charlotte was put on heavy pharmaceutical drugs that left her catatonic for over a year. She couldn't respond to any outside stimulus, but it gave her brain an opportunity to rest and probably saved her life.

When Charlotte turned two, her doctors determined that she might benefit from surgery to calm her seizures. Charlotte endured a series of operations that required removing three of the eight lobes of her brain. Bri, who was sleeping on a cot besides her bed, awakened one night to a strange sound. lt took her a few minutes to identify the source of the mysterious disruption: it was the sound of her daughter crying. Because Charlotte had been in a drug induced coma for so long, Bri didn't recognize the sound of her own daughter's cry, but it was music to her ears!

The surgeries were successful for a year, until the seizures returned with a vengeance.  Charlotte continued to have dozens of seizures daily despite taking a cornucopia of pharmaceutical drugs.

Bri learned about CBD therapy from a supportive friend. She was aghast at the thought of using an unregulated drug and didn't have a clue how she could obtain the CBD-rich tincture that was featured in Dr. Sanjay Gupta's remarkable documentary, Weed, that is available for viewing on YouTube

After rnany false leads, Bri finally obtained the highly touted medicine only to find that it didn't work for Charlotte. ln fact, it produced the opposite effect - Charlofie had a gran mal seizure. A chemist worked up another formula that contained 3 parts CBD to 1 part THC and this combination has worked to completely stop Charlottes seizures. Although it is too early to say that her seizures won't return, Charlotte has not had a single seizure since she started on cannabis therapy. Even her doctors are impressed!

The biggest impediment to helping children like Charlotte is having a steady supply of medicine. The current Cultivation Ordinance does not allow most patients the ability to grow enough medicine to supply their needs from one season to the next. When patients run of out of medicine, they are forced to drive very long distances to find a reputable dispensary (and pay exorbitant prices) or buy it from the black market - a very dangerous proposition for patients that require organic cannabis.

The Americans for Safe Access initiative would replace the square foot growing restrictions with the MINIMUM State allowance of six plants per qualified patient. We have gathered enough signatures to qualify our initiative so the people of Nevada County can vote to support patients like young Charlotte. 

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